GEMBALLA Makes Ferrari Enzo Based Car

GEMBALLA is branching out and creating 25 MIG-U1 sportscars based on the Ferrari Enzo. Its V12 powerplant now makes it 700hp.

Other features include the new front skirt  spoiler lip that generates up to 77 lbs of additional downforce and there are door extensions to the diffuser and rear spoiler. All wheel-houses take advantage of the extensive cooling system to keep the brakes within optimum temperatures. There is a rear flap that lowers itself at speeds of over 75mph. Fresh air goes into the engine bay through air inlets located behind the doors and on the roof. Overall, the car is now 3 inches wider up front and 3.9 inches wider at the back.

The car is so low it almost kisses the ground, but to facilitate runs over normal obstacles like speed bumps, an electro-hydraulic height-adjustment system that can lift it up by 1.7 inches is an available option. Wheels are 10×19 inch forged rims at the front and 13×20 inch at the back.

The interior features satellite navigation, a DVD changer, an iPod connection, a 7-inch touch screen and a 950-Watt amplifier for the sound. Most interesting is that GEMBALLA promises that no two of the 25 planned MIG-U1 production models will be exactly the same.

Source: WorldCarFans


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